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No Needle Allergy Tests

Do you have a chronic cough, chronic sinus congestion, chronic sore throat? These may all be indicators of allergies. If you are constantly going to the ER or urgent care center maybe its time to ask why you haven't been tested yet.

Detox Services

Most people cannot just walk away from opioid addiction. They need help to change their thinking, behavior, and environment. Unfortunately, "quitting cold turkey" has a poor success rate - fewer than 25% of patients are able to stay clear for a full year.

PharmacoGenetic Tests

Medications - One size does not fit all. More than 75% of people have genetic variations that determine how their bodies process and use drugs. This applies to prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines, herbal and dietary supplements.

Vincent Bennett, M.D.

Robert Hashemiyoon

Besides serving as the medical director and attending physician in several of the busiest emergency departments in Los Angeles county, Dr. Bennett has been elected chief of staff and appointed to the medical board of california as an expert medical examiner. He has always had a vested interest in improving the quality of care delivered to the public thru appointments to very influential positions . He has had a term as a board member for the American Cancer Society as well as a medical consultant for several prominent law firms in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Bennett is actively involved in academia having produced symposiums on Bioterrorism and Pain Management for the medical community. As the regional medical director for the largest emergency physician group in the nation, has been a leader in shaping policy for this very challenging specialty.

Outside of a bustling clinical practice, Dr. Bennett has been actively involved to raise the quality of care in several arenas. He was chosen as the medical consultant for the Miss America and Miss Universe pageants previously held in Los Angeles. He also enjoyed a tenure leading several medical teams for the Holland America cruise line. As an avid outdoor and sports enthusiast, he naturally gravitated toward sports medicine, in particular boxing, where he sees a great opportunity to improve the application of medicine with a goal of improving the long term safety of all participants.

Dr. Bennett is currently finalizing a proprietary recovery phase supplement that has been enthusiastically received by several prominent sports figures. He has provided consultation for several high profile athletes including Manny Pacquio and Julio César Chávez Jr.

For the last four years, he has been a medical team leader for the globally popular Coachella music festival which attracts over 90,000 patrons each weekend. Every experience is seen as an opportunity to bring the better treatment to every patient under his care.

Patients coming to Elite Urgent Care can find comfort in knowing their medical needs are in the hands of this very knowledgeable and experienced physician who enjoys his profession one patient encounter at a time.








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