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No Needle Allergy Tests

Do you have a chronic cough, chronic sinus congestion, chronic sore throat? These may all be indicators of allergies. If you are constantly going to the ER or urgent care center maybe its time to ask why you haven't been tested yet.

Detox Services

Most people cannot just walk away from opioid addiction. They need help to change their thinking, behavior, and environment. Unfortunately, "quitting cold turkey" has a poor success rate - fewer than 25% of patients are able to stay clear for a full year.

PharmacoGenetic Tests

Medications - One size does not fit all. More than 75% of people have genetic variations that determine how their bodies process and use drugs. This applies to prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines, herbal and dietary supplements.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint, and it's usually short-lasting.  The feeling of a "crick" in the neck, or general neck stiffness, often occurs as a result of a minor muscle strain.  Stiff and sore muscles are one of the most common causes of neck pain.  A neck sprain can happen when the ligaments in the neck are suddenly stretched or snapped, such as during an auto accident.  Some other causes of neck pain include bone fractures, arthritis and meningitis. 

Although neck pain is usually not serious, it can be very uncomfortable.  Muscle stiffness in the neck can spread and cause a tension headache and even nausea if the pain is severe.  This type of tension-related neck pain is frequently caused as a result of poor posture or overuse.  For example, spending hours hunched over a computer desk or steering wheel can fatigue the neck muscles. 

Depending on the cause and severity of your neck pain, treatment will differ.  Soft tissue injuries to the muscles, tendons and ligaments can generally be resolved through rest and the use of NSAIDs to manage pain and reduce swelling.  The application of heat or ice to the affected area can also provide some immediate relief, and gentle stretching can help to loosen stiff muscles. 

In more serious cases, immobilizing the neck may be necessary to promote healing.  A neck brace can keep the spine appropriately aligned and prevent the supporting structures from bearing any additional stress.  If the pain is caused by another underlying condition, such as arthritis, the source of the pain must be treated before healing can begin. 

When you go to the doctor with a complaint of neck pain, the doctor will want to complete an examination and rule out any serious underlying conditions.  An X-ray or MRI may be used to identify any fractures or torn muscles.  Blood tests could be used to rule out infectious diseases like meningitis.  You'll also be asked about your daily habits and whether anything unusual has recently happened, such as an auto accident. 

Even a seemingly minor injury can cause long-lasting neck pain if the muscles continue to be stressed.  Obtaining a doctor's opinion about the best way to manage your pain and prevent further problems is an important step in protecting your health.

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